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Marie Curie nurse on phone

Marie Curie bereavement helpline

by Sandra Issar

National Charity Marie Curie has a free bereavement support phone line for anyone who is grieving during these challenging times.

The Support Line is open seven days a week and the team is on hand to provide emotional support as well as practical information, whether you want to get help with arrangements or discuss coping and adapting to life after a bereavement.

The charity’s trained staff can provide a listening ear and a safe space to talk about grief and loss and your conversation will be private and confidential.

Call Marie Curie on 0800 090 2309 for free bereavement support.

Further details as well as online information and support is available on the Marie Curie website.

National Day of reflection

Sadly around half a million people are grieving for loved ones who’ve died since the UK lockdown began, whether as a result of coronavirus or another cause.

In times of loss, having your friends and family around you is a huge source of comfort. But many people bereaved during lockdown have not been able to properly say goodbye, comfort or even hug each other.

Once lockdown is fully lifted, we’ll need time together to reflect on our collective sense of loss, and to remember and celebrate the lives of the people who’ve died.

Marie Curie is campaigning for a National Day to recognise this tragic loss and remember all the people who’ve lost their lives since the lockdown began.

More information about the campaign and how to sign the petition for a National Day of reflection is available on Marie Curie’s National Day page.