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Four children with their bikes outside Malvern Primary School.

Malvern Primary is Knowsley’s First Modeshift Star!

by Lisa Bennett

Malvern Primary School in Huyton has become the first school in Knowsley to achieve Green Accreditation in the Modeshift STARS scheme.

The accreditation recognises the school’s commitment to promoting walking, cycling and other forms of active travel to and from school.

For many years, Malvern Primary has embraced Knowsley’s road safety and active travel education and training programme and put in place other initiatives to promote cycling and walking.

As part of their commitment to the Modeshift scheme, the school set up additional activities, including a one-off ‘Biker’s Breakfast’ for children who cycled to school, Dr Bike MOT sessions and Bikeability training. These initiatives have all helped to increase the number of children cycling to and from school.

Malvern Primary has also registered as a WOW (Walk Once a Week) school. Children can record how they travel to school every day using an interactive tracker and can earn themselves a badge if they travel in a sustainable way.

Green Accreditation is the first level of accreditation in the Modeshift STARS scheme and once this level is achieved, schools can progress on to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum by delivering more active travel promotion and schemes.

Three children on bikes with helmets in the school playground.Children in high vis vests and helmets cycling along a road whilst signalling to turn rightMan in high vis vest and helmet supervises children as they cycle along a road.Man in high vis vest and helmet supervises children as they cycle along a road.Man in high vis vest and helmet supervises children as they cycle along a road.

Councillor Tony Brennan, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:

“It’s great to see local schools encouraging their pupils to travel actively to and from school. Walking and cycling can benefit both physical and mental health as well as being better for the environment and local residents.

“This is a brilliant achievement for Malvern, and I wish them success in achieving Bronze accreditation and more in the future.

“I would also urge other schools to sign up to Modeshift and encourage their pupils, parents and staff to travel to school in a more sustainable way.”

Tony James, Head Teacher at Malvern Primary commented:

“I am very proud of all the children, staff, Governors, and parents who have all worked together to achieve this recognition for promoting sustainable travel.

“The children have all been engaged with actively travelling to and from school and we have worked closely with Knowsley’s Active Travel and Road Safety Team to promote walking, cycling, and scooting to school to improve safety on the journey to school and to reduce the congestion at drop off and collection times.”

Marjie Brown, is Malvern Primary’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator. She added:

“We are thrilled to achieve the Green accreditation. As a school we’re planning to continue our great work and we’re aiming for the Bronze accreditation next and will hopefully be able to achieve Gold soon!

“We have a strong emphasis on safety and the health and wellbeing of children, so we actively promote walking, biking, and scooting to school rather than coming in a vehicle.

“The Modeshift STARS scheme is a great way to support schools and we have lots more planned for the future.”

About Modeshift

Modeshift aims to help schools, businesses, and other organisations to grow levels of active and sustainable travel through the development of a Travel Plan. Effective Travel Plans are vital for a healthier, greener, and safer future, as they promote and enable more sustainable and active modes of travel.

Modeshift STARS Education accreditation is awarded to schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting walking, cycling, and other forms of sustainable and active travel by developing and implementing an effective Travel Plan. Sites that participate in the STARS schemes achieve accreditation by following the Modeshift STARS Accreditation Cycle to develop and deliver a Travel Plan.

All schools in Knowsley can sign up to the nationally accredited Modeshift STARS Education scheme.

Supported by Knowsley’s Active Travel and Road Safety team, schools are provided with training on the Modeshift system as well as initiatives to help schools to build their travel plan.

There is no cost to any school wishing to sign up for Modeshift or the WOW scheme.  If you would like further information, please contact roadsafety@knowsley.gov.uk.