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Maker Space Operator required in Huyton Village Centre

by Emily Maguire

As part of the Council’s ambitious ten year development plan for Huyton Village Centre, submissions are now being invited for a Creative, Digital and Maker Community Operator for two properties in Huyton Village Centre.

The operator would manage two properties in the town centre, aiming to showcase people’s creativity and talent, as well as providing them with a space to operate in the heart of the village centre.

The Council’s development plans for the village centre also include the creation of a commercial district (complete with a hotel, office and residential accommodation), a village green, a station gateway and a distinctive streetscape scheme on Derby Road which has also benefited from significant investment through our Shop Front Improvement Scheme.

One property will be used as a ‘maker space’ location – providing a collaborative space for making, learning, exploring and sharing.  Maker spaces are increasingly popular, particularly in town centre locations, libraries and community centres, as they offer a location where people gather to create ideas and items, sharing resources and knowledge, work collaboratively on projects, building networks and building products and services.

By working together in such spaces, other people can develop their own skills and creativity through learning from others.

The second property is located directly on the high street and can be used for showcasing and supporting ‘Makers’ to take their first step into making/selling outside the home.

Further information about the opportunity, as well as how to express an interest, can be found by registering on The Chest.

The closing date for submissions is 17 August 2021.

It really is an exciting time for Huyton Village Centre and the ideal time to be part of its development.