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Make sure you Make Time!

by Laura Johnston

Make Time is a campaign that encourages people to look after their mental health and surrounds World Mental Health Day which takes place on 10 October every year.

One in four people suffer from a mental health condition at any given time; therefore, it is important for people to be aware of how important looking after their mental health is. While this is useful information, it is more useful for people to be aware of the actions they can take to improve their mental health.

This is why the Make Time campaign promotes the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’. These are five activities you can do to instantly boost your mood and improve your overall mental wellbeing if you are consistent with practising them.

If you would like to help yourself feel good, consider these questions…

When was the last time…you tried something new?

Trying something new such as learning a new skill or taking on a new challenge can be rewarding and can make you feel accomplished. It can also increase your confidence and boost job prospects. Knowsley Family and Education offers a range of courses across Knowsley so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to learn something new – find out more

When was the last time…you noticed things around you?

Try to stop to look at what is around you once in a while and take it all in. You probably wouldn’t have ever thought to take the time to look at what is around you but you may just start to recognise the beauty in things – the autumn leaves for example. Why not visit an art display to take notice of the artist’s talent? The Drawn from Life exhibition is running until 22 October in Kirkby Gallery – find out more

When was the last time…you laughed until you cried?

It’s very easy to have fun with the people you love such as friends and family, or even neighbours and colleagues. This interaction can improve our sense of belonging and make us feel good inside. So if you haven’t had a catch up with a friend in a while, it would be a good idea to arrange to meet up for a good chat.

When was the last time…you made someone smile?

Making someone smile is an easy way to make us smile. A simple act of kindness can go a long way and seeing their reaction can brighten up our day as well as theirs. Volunteering for a children’s centre is a great way to make others feel good as well as yourself. Of course, you may be trying something new too which is another way to boost your wellbeing – bonus! Read about how you can volunteer at a children’s centre here

When was the last time…you got up and about?

We all know that being active is good for our health.  But did you know it can help improve your mood, boost self-esteem and help you concentrate and sleep better too?  No need to join a gym – a walk in the park, gardening or housework can help keep you active and make a positive difference to your mood.  There’s plenty of things to do in your local park – find out more – or if you want to be more active, this guide may help you

The overall advice to take away from the campaign is to connect, give, learn, take notice and be active.

Learn more about the campaign by visiting www.make-time.org