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Magical play coming to Knowsley

by Laura Johnston

Heart of Light is a magical retelling of the The Story of Rama and Sita, a popular Hindu tale.

The story follows a prince called Rama who falls in love with, and marries, a princess called Sita. After the couple was banished to live in a forest, the ten-headed demon king kidnaps Sita. Join the monkey army in the quest to reunite the couple and return to their land.

Forest Tribe Dance Theatre will be bringing new relevance to this ancient tale, performing original music and vibrant dances along with brilliant projections and puppetry.

This play is all about finding the light in darkness, and remembering light beats darkness, and good beats evil.

You can watch Heart of Light at Huyton Library on Tuesday 29 October 2019 at 11am and Kirkby Library at 2.30pm

Tickets are just £4 or £3 if you are a library member.

Buy your tickets online for the Huyton Library show and Kirkby Library show.

You can also get them on the door or in advance at the libraries.

The play is able to come to Knowsley thanks to the Great Emerging Marvellous (GEM) Places Initiative which is funded through Arts Council England. The initiative is bringing different type of art including visual art, live theatre, and music, to Knowsley’s libraries.