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Made on Merseyside exhibition

by Laura Johnston

Made on Merseyside celebrates and showcases industry in Knowsley, the goods produced here and the people who made them. This exhibition will share the stories of businesses large and small, past and present!

At the heart of the exhibition are objects, photos and footage of staff, factories and products, loaned from a variety of individuals and organisations, as well drawing upon Prescot Museum’s collection.

A specially commissioned montage of film and audio clips from various local history projects, promotional footage and personal interviews will bring the displays to life. Some of these interviews have been conducted in the months leading up to the exhibition, capturing more recent experiences and memories not previously documented, preserving them for the future.

Businesses and companies featuring in the exhibition include: Amazon Studios, BICC, Cronton and Whiston Collieries, English Electric, Hornby Meccano, Huntley and Palmer, Kirkby Tyres, Lancashire Watch Company, Leather Satchel Company, Royal Ordnance Factory, Tinling’s and many more

Made on Merseyside is open at Kirkby Gallery now.