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Blue background with images of a liver scan, a white van and illustration of man with a scan over his body, inside the scan you can see his liver. Text reads: Look out for your liver. Free liver screening is coming to Knowsley.

Lookout for your liver – free screening coming to Knowsley

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley residents will be able to access free liver screening at locations across the borough in September thanks to a new initiative by the NHS and Knowsley Council.

Figures released by the British Liver Trust show that there are more than 10,000 deaths per year due to liver disease, with liver cancer the fastest rising cause of cancer death in the UK.

If diagnosed early enough liver disease can be treated successfully. Unfortunately, liver damage develops silently, with no signs or symptoms. That is why liver screening can be potentially life saving and ensure those suffering from liver disease get the advice, support, and treatment they needed quicky.

Residents will be able to access a FREE FibroScan on the NHS bus, which is a non-invasive scan of your liver. Results will be available straight away and the scan shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes.

Anyone can access a liver health check. However, they are generally most helpful for people who are at higher-than-average risk or those who already have a diagnosis of hepatitis B, hepatitis C or liver disease.

The Bus also offers the chance to undertake a hepatitis C test. If you think you may have been exposed to Hepatitis C, taking a test will put your mind at rest or, if the test is positive, allow you to start treatment early.

Cllr Christine Bannon, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health, said: “The figures around liver disease are really concerning and that is why it is vital we ensure our residents can access screening provision and hopefully spot the signs early.

“It is important that we create an environment where Knowsley residents can access support, guidance and information to tackle health conditions and live healthy lives. That is why I would urge residents to visit the bus for the scan and look out for their liver.”

You find out more information on liver disease via the British Liver Trust www.britishlivertrust.org.uk