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Local children help to make Knowsley tidier

by Laura Johnston

Children at Halsnead Community Primary School are taking to the streets to clear up rubbish and improve the area around their school in Whiston.

The Allotment Representatives, Eco Warriors and Forest School Group are joining forces to tackle the rubbish together. The groups are made up of 42 community-minded pupils from Reception through to Year 6. The children are also taking part in the RSPB Wild Challenge which is a challenge to connect with the natural world and complete activities to earn an award.

As well as improving the area where they learn, the children want their brilliant actions to be an example for others and encourage people to not litter. They also hope to highlight how big of a problem littering is in Britain.

Figures released by Keep Britain Campaign, a UK anti-littering campaign, has made Halsnead Community Primary School recognise the importance of disposing litter properly.

Keep Britain Tidy has revealed that:

  • £1 billion of Council Tax payers money is spent cleaning the streets every year
  • Over 30 million tonnes of litter is collected from our streets each year
  • The UK rat population stands at around sixty million which could be linked to the growing amount of food dropped on the ground

Tina Cinnamond, a leader of Forest School Group, said: “This clean-up will show others that we care about the future of our local environment and that we are not prepared to live, work and play in an area that is blighted by rubbish. What is good about working together like this, is that it creates a sense of community and for some of our younger volunteers, it is their first taste of active citizenship.”