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Let’s Keep it Clean

by Laura Johnston

Knowsley Council continues to remind residents it’s more important than ever to pick up after their dogs and that it can be disposed of in any public bin or in your household maroon wheelie bin.

Unfortunately the council continues to see reports of dog fouling, so, from today residents who follow Knowsley Council and associated accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will see posts on the topic, with slogans including  Oops!, Poops!, Scoops! and Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Dog Dirt,  reminding residents to Keep Our Streets as Clean as Our Hands.

At a time when people are limiting their time outside, the thoughtlessness of others is resulting in their regular outdoor exercise being ruined.  Dog faeces is also dangerous to humans and in extreme cases can cause blindness when it gets into the eye – something most likely to happen to children.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities & Neighbourhoods said: “We know that most residents are responsible owners and pick up after their dogs. However it is the actions of the few who are denying our residents the opportunity to take their regular exercise, particularly taking enjoyment from our beautiful parks and green spaces. We are encouraging dog owners to be responsible and pick up after your dog. So we want people to remember their actions have consequences and we all need to keep our streets clean, now more than ever.”

If you are a resident who sees incidents of dog fouling please report it online using the council’s website. Knowsley’s Street Scene Team will be notified and will endeavour to clean it up as quickly as possible. Our Environmental Health Team will also collate this information to understand what the hotspot areas are.

So please remember the main things to consider when walking your dog:

  • Always carry a bag or other means of cleaning up after your dog at all times.
  • Bin it in any public bin, or your own maroon bin when you return home
  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times in council-owned cemeteries and allotments.
  • Remove your dog’s mess when it fouls.