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Smiling female students wearing school uniforms walk through a school.

Let’s hit 100% attendance this summer term

by Guy Murphy

Children and young people across Knowsley are encouraged to make 100% school attendance their aim for the final term of the school year.

Regular school attendance will give children and young people the very best start in life, providing opportunities to learn, develop and succeed.

Even if a child has previously missed some school days, there is still many benefits to encouraging them to aim for 100% in the new term.

Missing school could result in children falling behind which could impact on their confidence, health and wellbeing.

It’s really important that a regular bed-time and morning routine is maintained to help children and young people get to school on time.

By attending school regularly, you are opening up a range of opportunities to learn new skills, develop interests, meet new friends and socialise, try things that you’ve never tried before and above all, achieve and succeed which will help you to build your confidence.

Remember if your child is ill, please contact the school immediately so that their absence can be authorised.