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Cllr Graham Morgan, leader of Knowsley Council

Leader’s response to Government’s announcement on enhanced support

by Guy Murphy

In response to the Government’s announcement around enhanced support being offered to the Liverpool City Region, Cllr Graham Morgan has responded to say the support doesn’t go far enough.

“We are closely monitoring local case levels, hospital pressures, and vaccination take-up.  It is clear that the presence of the Delta variant is pushing our rates up once more.  We know from previous experience that, once rates start to increase in Knowsley, they can rise extremely quickly, and this is not something we want to see again.  The impact of COVID-19 so far has been worse in disadvantaged communities, including in some parts of Knowsley – the Government has a duty to recognise this disproportionate impact and act to tackle it.

Fundamentally, we know that the best way to stop any further spread of the virus is to get as many people as possible vaccinated and protected.  That’s why we have already written to the Health Secretary and the Vaccines Minister – on two separate occasions now – urging them to allocate more vaccines and give us more flexibility around who can be vaccinated.  As of today, we still haven’t had a reply to either of these requests, so it seems like our request is going to be denied regardless of the Government’s duty to act now to help the people who most need help.

So, whilst I welcome the news that the Government recognises that the impact here is more severe, the fact is that this latest announcement falls well short of offering the real assistance which we need if we are to deal with the issues locally.  If we are to stop this latest spread of the virus, we need proactive and meaningful support from Government – not just PR.

After all we have been through during the pandemic, and the proactive steps which we have already taken locally around testing and contact tracing, it is surely the least we can expect from the Government.”