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Knowsley’s Youth Justice Services rated high

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley’s Youth Justice Partnership, including the Youth Offending Service, has recently undertaken a self-assessment process which has confirmed that the self-assessment process was judged to be outstanding or good.

The partnership are child focussed, delivering a range of services to address the needs of children who offend as well as delivering restorative justice to victims of youth crime.

In 2019, the Youth Justice Board released new Standards for Children in Youth Justice requiring all Strategic Youth Justice Management Boards and associated Youth Offending Services to undertake a self-assessment against the new standards.

The standards aim to guide strategic and operational services understanding of what is expected and include out of court disposals (with targeted interventions to prevent children from becoming involved in crime and anti social behaviour), court (provision of accurate risk assessments and information to assist with decision making), in the community (court disposals), on resettlement (risks are identified and appropriate actions in place) and on transition through the Youth Justice System.

Youth Justice Boards and Youth Offending Services are required to assess and score performance against the standards.

In Knowsley, an assessment has been completed covering the period from March 2019 to March 2020 which also included an audit of Youth Offending files.

The self-assessment document was submitted to the Youth Justice Board, who have undertaken a remote assessment, along with carrying out a remote validation visit on 26 February.

Feedback from this process includes:-

  • Knowsley’s self-assessment was thorough and honest, with a good plan to improve;
  • Strengths in Knowsley’s self-assessment included the involvement and ownership by staff, management, and Youth Justice Management Board members, where strategic oversight was very good;
  • The Youth Justice Board file audit found that the files were very clear and well-evidenced.
  • The Youth Justice Board particularly noted good practice in terms of the oversight and participation of Youth Justice Management Board

The Youth Justice Board uses a Red, Amber, Green, Purple rating to determine self-assessment and Knowsley was judged to be Purple (outstanding) for the Court Standard (strategic rating) and In the Community Standard (operational). All other Standards, based on Strategic and Operational levels, were judged to be Green (Fully Agree).

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “I’m delighted with the endorsement we have received around our Youth Justice self assessment process. Moderators noted that Knowsley had gone ‘above and beyond’ what was expected to complete the assessment and the rating we have received at both an operational and strategic level is commendable. Well done to our teams and partners who are all working together to ensure the best outcomes for children and families in Knowsley.”