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Knowsley’s young people urged to test, isolate and vaccinate in new campaign

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley Council has launched a new campaign to remind the borough’s young people to play their part to keep life moving as COVID-19 cases continue to rise amongst 18–29-year-olds.

Across the borough over 12,000 18–29-year-olds remain unvaccinated, while 48% percent have only had their first dose.

Regular testing uptake is also low with 10.1% of young people (18-29) reporting lateral flow test results during June.

During the same month 18–29-year-olds accounted for nearly one in three of all positive COVID-19 cases in Knowsley and it is believed that low vaccine uptake and the spread of the virus through asymptomatic cases are two of the main drivers.

Despite the easing of restrictions, the growing number of cases and hospitalisations in the UK is causing real concern. While many businesses are continuing to struggle as isolation causes staffing issues.

Knowsley Council hopes that the new campaign will help drive down cases and ensure that the return to normal life keeps on moving in the right direction.

Dr Sarah McNulty, Director for Public Health at Knowsley Council, said: “Test, isolate, vaccinate is such as an important message for our young people as we look to keep life moving in Knowsley.

“The easing of restrictions means that people are mixing more often than at any other time since the start of the pandemic and this presents a serious risk unless precautions are taken.

“We know that 1 in 3 people with the virus don’t experiencing symptoms and could unknowingly pass the virus onto others when out and about. That is why regular testing is so vital to stopping the spread.

“We also know that vaccination is the best form of defence against the virus, reducing the chances of people catching it, spreading it or getting seriously ill. Even one dose of the vaccination will give some protection, however it is vital that people get both doses for the best possible long-term protection from COVID-19.”

Cllr Christine Bannon, Cabinet Member for Health, said: “With the majority of restrictions now eased across the country, there is a real buzz amongst Knowsley’s young people as night clubs open, events return, and life begins to really start up again.

“However, it is important we all remain cautious and take the required steps to ensure that we protect ourselves and others from the virus.

“It is only by remembering to test, isolate and vaccine, that we can keep life moving in Knowsley.”

Earlier this month, the UK Government announced that only those double vaccinated will be able to attend nightclubs or large events from September. Knowsley Council is reminding residents that they need to book their first dose now to ensure they are fully vaccinated by the deadline.

You can find out more about COVID-19 vaccinations here.