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Knowsley’s young people help spread vaccination message

by Guy Murphy

A group of young advisors in Knowsley Council’s Children’s Social Care service have helped to design a new COVID-19 vaccination poster that aims to increase uptake of the jab amongst residents aged 10-16 years.

The chosen poster addresses the myth that young people don’t need the vaccine as they can’t catch COVID or if they do, they’re unlikely to get sick.

The young advisors, whose role is to ensure that the borough’s children and young people are represented in decision making, also wanted to make sure that the poster was eye catching and featured someone that young people can resonate with. They also suggested that images didn’t feature needles or any medical items – based on feedback they had received from young people that it could put residents off who have needle phobias.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said “It is really important that we engage with young people to ensure that our messages are read and understood by them. What better way than having our young people developing the messaging and design themselves.

“Our young advisors have done an amazing job with this design with the crucial aim of addressing myths that young people can’t catch COVID-19 and therefore don’t need to be vaccinated. It’s really important that our young people do get vaccinated – not only to protect themselves, but others around them.

“COVID-19 has not gone away and by getting the jab offers them the best protection. This is especially important as we enter holiday season as no one wants their plans to be on hold again due to the virus.”

Knowsley’s Young Advisors, added: “We were delighted to be involved in the design of this poster. The role of Knowsley Young Advisors is to ensure that children and young people’s voices are heard and involved in shaping decisions that affect them. By consulting us on the design, we have been able to ensure that the messaging and design are child focussed.

“We know that being vaccinated is a personal choice but we also know of the benefits too, not only for children and young people but for people around us such as friends and family. We wanted to make sure that the poster conveyed the importance of vaccination but was also bright and eye catching to make sure people took notice.

“We are really pleased with the final design and hope it helps young people get the facts on vaccination.”

There are a number ways residents can access their COVID-19 jab across Knowsley. To find out more information, details on the latest walk-in clinics or book an appointment, visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus or call 119.