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Knowsley’s priorities: Growth and jobs

by Comms Team

Today’s closer look at Knowsley’s priorities for the next four years is around growth and jobs.

This is one of the six priorities laid out in the Strategy for Knowsley 2016-2020 which has been launched this week.

Knowsley is a key economic location within the Liverpool City Region, currently with 62,400 jobs across 3,700 businesses.

By 2020, the Knowsley Partnership believes we should have:

  • More registered businesses and more jobs, with strong growth in advanced manufacturing and logistics;
  • More businesses surviving three years after their launch;
  • More residents who are self-employed/entrepreneurs;
  • A growing population, including more economically independent residents;
  • More residents in sustainable employment; and
  • Residents’ earnings increasing at a faster rate than the national average.

Alan Seeley, Chair of the Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, explains how those targets will be delivered:

Read the Strategy for Knowsley 2016-2020.

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