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Knowsley’s priorities: Children and families

by Comms Team

We want all children and families in the borough to be safe, healthy and financially secure.

The Knowsley Partnership is joining up services to provide the support that individuals and families need.

This priority within the Strategy for Knowsley sets out to achieve the following by 2020:

  • Fewer repeat referrals for domestic abuse and neglect;
  • A reduction in the number of children in need;
  • Fewer 0-17 year olds who are looked after in foster homes or residential care;
  • More children receiving support to prevent sexual and criminal exploitation;
  • Fewer children and families living in poverty; and
  • Children from low income families having the same opportunity to achieve at school as their peers.

Cllr Gary See, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services at Knowsley Council, leads this priority:

Read the Strategy for Knowsley 2016-2020

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