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Knowsley’s Early Years ranked in the top three nationally

by Laura Johnston

The endorsement has been published in the Social Mobility Commission’s report entitled the State of the Nation 2017.

This latest endorsement follows Ofsted rating all of Knowsley’s private and voluntary full daycare nurseries outstanding or good earlier this year – with Knowsley being one of only four areas in the country to achieve this accolade.

Cllr Joan Lilly, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said “To receive such national recognition, from both the Social Mobility Commission as well as Ofsted, is a fantastic testament to the service.  Parents don’t just need to take our word for it that the services we provide to support a child’s development during these important early years are some of the very best in the country.”

Knowsley’s Early Years service works with children and their families to improve outcomes for children, through ensuring there is sufficient, accessible, affordable and high quality early years and childcare provision across the borough, helping children to be ‘school ready’.

The service provides support, advice and guidance as well as targeted training opportunities for people working with children and families to meet the individual needs of the children in their setting.  Working alongside other services, including children’s centres and health visitors, the Early Years team ensure that children and families are supported at the earliest opportunity.

Social Mobility assesses a range of indicators at every life stage, from early years through to adulthood.  It is a term used to describe the ability of individuals, families or groups to move up or down the social ladder in society, such as from low-income to middle-class.  It is often used to describe changes in wealth, but it can also be used to describe social standing or education.

The Social Mobility Commission is an advisory non-departmental public body established under the Life Chances Act 2010 as modified by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. It has a duty to assess progress in improving social mobility in the UK and to promote social mobility in England. The Commission is chaired by the Rt Hon Alan Milburn.