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Greystone Bridge lit up in blue

Knowsley to mark NHS birthday

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley’s Greystone bridge will light up blue to mark the NHS’s birthday.

The footbridge over the M62 will be lit on Sunday 5 July to celebrate the NHS’s 72nd anniversary.

People across the country are also being encouraged to clap for the NHS at 5pm on 5 July.

Landmarks across the UK will also be lit up blue to mark the occasion, including Blackpool Tower, the Royal Albert Hall and the Shard.

Broadcasters will temporarily suspend transmissions at 5pm to enable people to salute the NHS and reflect on the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Saturday July 4, people will also be asked to put a light in their windows in honour of those lost to coronavirus.

Throughout the pandemic Knowsley Council and its residents have paid tribute to NHS staff and other key workers.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “NHS staff and other key workers have worked round the clock to respond to the pandemic, working tirelessly to help others and to help keep us safe and well. This will be an opportunity to pay tribute to them and reflect on all those we have lost during this time. It’s really important that their efforts are acknowledged and celebrating the NHS’ birthday is one way that we can all come together to say thank you.”