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Montage of images relating to the Halewood LUF bid

Knowsley secures £15.3m Levelling Up Fund for Halewood

by Jonathan Kearney

The Government has confirmed that Knowsley Council has been awarded £15.3 million from Round 2 of the Levelling Up Fund for major improvements in Halewood.

The funding proposal, submitted by the Council and now approved by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, includes an expansion of the local district centre, improvements to greenspace and leisure facilities, as well as funding improvements to walking and cycling connectivity throughout the town and to employment areas.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said: “We are pleased that our bid for Halewood has been successful and welcome the announcement of this Levelling Up funding. I have said repeatedly that we had big plans for Halewood and this injection of £15.3 million will help to accelerate those plans and ensure our communities get the improved services and facilities they want and deserve in this part of our borough. It is an exciting time for Halewood and its residents.”

Knowsley submitted three Levelling Up bids as part of Round 2 funding – this includes the successful bid for Halewood but also two unsuccessful bids for Huyton (£20m) and Prescot (£8m).

Cllr Morgan added: “Obviously we are incredibly disappointed that our two other bids – which were just as robust and worthy of ‘Levelling Up’ – have been knocked back. We haven’t had any feedback from DLUHC but we will be seeking that information in the coming days and weeks.

“Knowsley has been identified as a Priority 1 area and therefore we are keen to understand more about the process and the decisions made during this round of bidding. We have to remember that this is the fifth time that a bid for Huyton has been rejected for funding by Government so this is particularly disappointing.”

Knowsley’s bid for Halewood was focussed on providing additional facilities and infrastructure to support existing and new residents of the town. The plans include an improved retail and leisure offer to meet demand.

The Council conducted a consultation in Halewood just prior to Christmas and will now continue its work to develop and finalise its exciting plans for the town.