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Knowsley school receives Apple Distinguished School status for the second time

by Laura Johnston

Prescot Primary School has once again been accepted as an Apple Distinguished School for 2018 to 2020. This means that the school is recognised as a centre of leadership and educational excellence, and shares the same vision for learning with technology as Apple.

Being part of the Apple Distinguished Schools programme means Prescot Primary School will work in partnership with Apple and will be given opportunities to attend leadership events and collaborate with people who also have a passion for innovative teaching and learning.

Education teams from Apple will visit the school to look at how children get the most of iPads, Macs, apps and other digital materials to aid their learning experience.

Prescot Primary School’s Apple journey began five years ago when Year 5 pupils started to use iPods in their classrooms. Then, Year 3 pupils began using iPads and every teacher was equipped with a Macbook, an iPad and Apple TV. Now, every Key Stage 2 pupil has their own personalised iPad which they can take home whilst children in younger years use iPads in pairs or small groups.

Headteacher of Prescot Primary School, Steve George, had a clear vision where Apple technology could take the school and believed it could improve pupil engagement and achievement. The school has since found that their iPad learning adventure has boosted children’s enthusiasm for learning, and continuously encourages pupils to become independent learners as the iPads are used in and outside of the classroom.

As the iPads are taken home by the children, parents too are able to engage a lot more with their child’s learning. The parents are able to understand what and how their child is learning, and can help them to enjoy learning outside of the classroom. Five years ago, the school was concerned about the growing digital divide that was identified as there was a significant number of pupils who didn’t have a digital device or internet access. Because of this, the school is pleased to be able to allow pupils and families access to technology both at school and at home, and teachers can see a positive impact on learning.

Pupils are now confidently using Google Classroom to access work set by their teachers; they can also share ideas with each other and seamlessly produce work in a collaborative way. Teachers can collect in work and give instant feedback which is extremely valuable and valued by the pupils. Using fun apps allows pupils to choose their own difficulty level and earn rewards, promoting learning and helping to engage, enhance and excite children. The school has also used iTunes U as a tool for producing materials to aid professional development.

As an Apple Regional Training Centre and part of the Apple Distinguished Educator (ACDE) community, the school is able to build links with other schools. Through this association, the school has held events and had opportunities to attend and present in conferences across Knowsley and further afield. The school hopes to develop these links to take their iPad adventure further to achieve greater learning outcomes and develop their pupils as global learners.

Knowsley’s Assistant Executive Director (Education), Jill Albertina, said “I am extremely proud of the creativity and innovation shown by the school designing a curriculum that is dynamic and relevant, and which brings learning to life for the children and their families. All of this is sure to help the children become equipped with the skills that are useful to succeed as independent learners.”

You can download the Prescot Primary iBooks here:




The new iBook will be available to download in February 2018.