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Knowsley residents urged to support frontline workers by staying at home this weekend

by Gemma Melling

With the warm weather set to continue, residents are once again being urged to following the Government’s advice – Stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS.

The reminder comes after the borough’s parks, open spaces and golf course are being used by groups of people who aren’t adhering to social distancing guidance. Of course parks can be used for daily exercise such as dog walking, but many are using the parks for socialising.

The more that people stay at home, the fewer people will become infected with the virus and the quicker we can return to normality and start to live our lives again.

As well as the Council’s own enforcement officers patrolling the borough, Merseyside Police will continue to carry out high visibility patrols, particularly in the areas that are attracting visitors.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said “Everyone needs to play their part to help to stop the spread of this infection. We all need to follow the Government’s advice and stay at home. Only leave your home if it is essential to do so. If you don’t stay at home, you are not only putting your own life at risk, but also those of your family and the wider community. Whilst it may be frustrating and sometimes inconvenient, it is absolutely necessary to help save lives. My message is simple – stay at home.”

Merseyside Police has enforcement powers under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions), Regulations 2020 to take action against those breaching Covid-19 guidance and has issued a number of Fixed Penalty Notices across Merseyside for breaches.

Superintendent Jennifer Wilson added “We have taken a common sense approach to policing during this time and will continue to talk with residents to find out why they are out and to remind them of the importance of staying at home and only coming out if essential and for exercise. However, we have issued a number of Fixed Penalty Notices across Merseyside, including in Knowsley, for breaches to the guidance and will continue to do so if people persistently breach the current advice to stay at home. We will be carrying out high visibility patrols across Knowsley, with a particular focus on those areas that seem to attract groups congregating or people just generally socialising, which is unacceptable and could put others, including their own families at risk of contracting the virus.”

Residents are asked to report incidents of breaches via the online form on the Merseyside Police website.