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police car with blue lights on attending emergency

Knowsley Police ready to take action against those who break COVID rules

by Alison Cornmell

Knowsley’s local policing team have issued fines to 9 people after attending a party in Knowsley last weekend.

Officers were called at 9.20pm on Saturday 9th January to a house in Wingate Road in Kirkby following reports of a large gathering. Nine people, from different households, were present in the property.

Given the current national lockdown and the blatant disregard for the restrictions in place, all nine members of the public were issued with fixed penalty notices.

Knowsley Council and Merseyside Police are urging people to abide by the current coronavirus regulations, by staying at home whenever possible and not mixing with anyone from another household.

Knowsley Community Policing Chief Inspector Phil Mullally said:

“Knowsley currently has very high number of cases of Coronavirus. These people have shown utter contempt for everyone else by choosing to ignore the rules and have potentially put themselves and their loved ones at risk by meeting up.


“We are not here to be killjoys and ruin people wanting to have a good time – we all want to be able to do that. But members of the public who are abiding by the rules are becoming increasingly frustrated when they see people choosing to flout the regulations and it’s important that we take action to deal with it.


“It’s also important that everyone realises that we all have a part to play in combatting the virus and ending the lockdown and it is essential that we all continue to abide by the rules to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and protect vulnerable people and the NHS.”

Knowsley’s Director of Public Health, Dr Sarah McNulty said:

“There can be no excuse for this kind of behaviour when you consider how serious the situation is. We are seeing the highest rates ever recorded in Knowsley and it is absolutely clear that social gatherings in the home, or anywhere else, are simply not permitted.


“To ignore the rules so blatantly is quite shocking when we are seeing so many people ill with COVID-19 and our hospitals struggling to cope. I am pleased that our policing colleagues have taken action and I hope that this gives a strong message to the rest of the community that there will be consequences to their actions.”

Knowsley is currently seeing alarmingly high rates of COVID-19 with the latest figures as of 8 January 2020 standing at 1,469.6 per 100,000 population – the highest ever recorded in the borough throughout the pandemic. COVID-19 is a potentially lethal illness which has already killed more than 2800 people in the Liverpool City Region of which 254 were from Knowsley. All partners are working together to encourage all residents to take the situation more seriously and follow the rules rigidly.