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Five women members of the Knowsley Older People's Voice forum. Two women sit in the foreground with three women standing behind them

Knowsley Older People’s Voice celebrates 20 years of supporting older people.

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley Older People’s Voice (KOPV) celebrated its 20th anniversary last week and held a special AGM and members lunch to mark the occasion.

Set up with the support of Knowsley Council, KOPV has spent the last 20 years supporting the borough’s over 50s, ensuring that they are kept informed on local and national issues and their voice is heard.

Over 50s make up more than 30% of Knowsley’s population and KOPV plays a vital role in ensuring that this group has the opportunity to influence decisions on key services such as health and wellbeing, housing, leisure, transport, and financial matters.

To celebrate the anniversary, a display showcasing the group’s achievements was on show at the AGM and a number of guest speakers were in attendance including Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council.

Cllr Graham Morgan said: “For the last 20 years, Knowsley Older People’s Voice has made an invaluable contribution to our community. The hard work and dedication of its members has ensured that the voices of our older population are heard and that they are engaged in shaping local services.

“Thanks to close relationship between the Council and Knowsley Older People’s Voice, we are confident that when we develop or change policy, our decision is informed by the needs of our residents and is for the betterment of our residents.

“I look forward to many more years of this close relationship and the group’s continued success.”

KOPV’s work is directed by a Steering Group made up of local Older Community Champions who have worked hard to ensure the voice of older people is heard in decision making.

For more information on Knowsley Older People’s Voice visit: https://www.kopv.org.uk/