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Knowsley sees largest jobs growth in City Region

by Gemma Melling

The number of jobs being created in Knowsley is increasing at the fastest pace of anywhere in the Liverpool City Region, with more than 5,000 extra jobs being created in Knowsley in the last two years alone.

Jobs in Knowsley are growing at ten times the City Region rate

Figures from the Office for National Statistics* show the number of jobs in the borough is growing at a rate more than 10 times higher than the City Region average.

Number of Knowsley businesses has grown by 20%

Meanwhile the number of businesses in Knowsley is also increasing – up by 20% since 2010 with the biggest increase coming in the last year, when the numbers of businesses in Knowsley increased by 500 in 12 months alone.

Investment into Knowsley

The private sector has invested £34mm into Knowsley

Knowsley Council recently announced it would be investing an additional £25.6m over the next three years in initiatives aimed at helping existing businesses to grow and thrive and to attract new businesses into the borough.

And the private sector has also been investing heavily in Knowsley – to the tune of £344m in 2015 alone. This has created around 2,400 jobs and safeguarded a further 300.

Why is Knowsley seeing high rates of business growth?

Businesses in the transportation and storage sectors have increased by 30% in Knowsley

Ideally placed to benefit from the opportunities offered by SuperPORT, Knowsley has become a destination of choice for businesses in the freight, logistics, distribution and advanced manufacturing sectors. This has seen big names like Matalan, Morrisons and even Amazon move into the borough. And statistics show they’re not alone – businesses in the transportation and storage sectors grew by 30% in Knowsley in 2015, compared to only 13% nationally.

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Advanced manufacturing is also soaring in Knowsley – with the number of business units in this growth sector increasing three times quicker than the national average in the last four years. The latest such business to choose Knowsley is Entrade, a German renewable energy company, who are establishing their UK base on Knowsley Business Park, with the likelihood of a rapid increase in staff numbers at the site over the coming years.

Advanced Manufacturing units are up 30% in Knowsley

A spokesperson for Knowsley Council said: “These figures mean more jobs for local people and good news for the local economy as the generation of business rates becomes increasingly important to help fund local services.”