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Knowsley Housing Needs Survey – Deadline Approaching!

by Jonathan Kearney

The Council would like to thank the Knowsley residents who have completed their Housing Needs Surveys over the last few weeks.

The deadline of 11 December is approaching, and the Council is encouraging residents who have not already done so to complete the survey to do so as soon as possible.

The survey can be completed and returned by freepost or online at www.knowsleyhousingsurvey2020.info  The survey is part of the Council’s Housing Needs Assessment that will be used to develop the Council’s new Housing Strategy.  The survey and the overall Housing Needs Assessment will also be used to support bids for funding such as delivering affordable housing in the borough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you carrying out the survey and why do you need my information?

Information is needed to enable Knowsley Council to identify the housing needs of the borough.  This  survey is part of a Housing Needs Assessment for Knowsley and will be used to develop the Council’s new Housing Strategy and support the development of other housing related strategies, policies and plans.  It will also be used to support accessing funding for the borough such as delivering new affordable housing, how we deliver our housing support to residents and improving our existing housing stock.  We have been able to deliver new affordable housing, build new extra care schemes and have assisted residents to access government funding help make homes warmer by understanding our residents housing needs and by residents completing this survey it will greatly help us to do so again in the future.

Knowsley Council and Arc4 (the external contractor who are preparing the Housing Needs Assessment) are joint controllers of the personal data collected and processed during this study.

Why have I been sent a questionnaire?

We have sent out 36,000 surveys to households across Knowsley, you have been randomly selected to take part.

Do I Have To Provide This Information And What Will Happen If I Don’t?

This is entirely voluntary. Completing the survey is not a legal requirement and you can decide how much or how little you wish to complete.

How to I respond?

Either fill in the survey questionnaire and post it back in the FREEPOST envelope before the closing date of Friday 11 December or complete online at www.knowsleyhousingsurvey2020.info

Who can help me fill in the form?

If you would like help to fill in the form or have any further questions, please call 0800 612 9133 which is a Freephone number, though standard charges may still apply from your provider.

What is the ID number and why is it needed?

Every questionnaire has a unique reference number (called an ID number).

The ID number is important to respondents and to arc4 as it helps us to carry out our duties in terms of data privacy and freedom of information: it is used to meet the requirements of respondents who want to alter, remove or talk to us about their responses. This is the right of every respondent to any of our surveys and hence the ID number is very important to both respondents and arc4.

Who will my personal information be shared with?

Survey data will only be used by Knowsley Council and Arc4 for the purposes of the Housing Needs Assessment. A sample of addresses (with no names) is provided by the council.  Arc4 uses Washington Direct Mail for printing and posting the survey and PHL Ltd for data entry. Data will not be shared with any other third party.

How long do you keep the information for?

Paper survey forms are kept for 6 months and then securely destroyed. Anonymous electronic survey data held by arc4 and shared with Knowsley Council will be stored on a secure electronic system for up to 5 years.