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Knowsley Growth Hub and Chamber helps businesses create more than 1,000 jobs

by Laura Johnston

The Liverpool City Region Local Growth Hub works with thousands of City Region businesses to help them gain access to practical business support and advice. The service is managed by Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and is delivered through a network of regional partners including Knowsley Chamber of Commerce.

The service was launched in 2016 and offers support including business diagnostic, brokerage, as well as advice and mentoring.

Here in Knowsley, Knowsley Growth Hub and Chamber offer specialist advice and guidance to businesses based in Knowsley or businesses looking to invest or grow in the borough.

More than 400 businesses in Knowsley have benefitted from specialist business support by the Knowsley Growth Hub and Chamber team and in last year alone, the team helped local businesses to create 1,099 jobs and bring £175m of investment into the borough.

Chief Executive of Knowsley Chamber and Head of Knowsley Growth Hub, Lesley Martin Wright, said “Knowsley is a great place to do business. We support businesses of all sizes and have an experienced team ready to assist. Whether you are starting a business, moving to Knowsley or growing your existing business here, we have a range of support to help.”

Director of Label Line UK, David Lee, said “The one-to-one support we received was fantastic and now that this has concluded, we can see the benefit and value of continuing to work with the consultant on our Health and Safety policies. I would advise any local business to contact the Growth Hub and take up the support that they provide.”

If you would like to find out how the Knowsley Growth Hub team can help your business or upcoming business, call 477 400 or email business@knowsleygrowthhub.co.uk