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Knowsley goes BLUE for ME

by Laura Johnston

ME Awareness Week is this week (8 to 14 May 2017) and Knowsley is showing its support by lighting up the Greystone Footbridge and Knowsley Leisure Culture Park in blue.

The ME Association came up with the idea to ‘Go BLUE for ME’ during the campaign to bring visibility to the typically invisible illness. This is because the illness has a lack of visible signs for others to see, meaning they typically do not understand the extent of how hard the illness can be for those with ME.

The ME Association is encouraging everybody to get involved and go ‘BLUE for ME’ during the awareness week. You can be as creative as you like such as decorating your entire home blue or you can do something as simple as organising a blue day in work or school – it all helps to raise awareness.

You can find out more ideas on how to get involved as well as learn more about what ME is on ME Association’s website.