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Knowsley gets two new defibrillators

by Laura Johnston

Two life-saving public defibrillators have been installed in Knowsley during the last month. The Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) are housed in community boxes and can be accessed with a passcode, a code provided by emergency operators in the event of an emergency.

Jane Guest, owner of The Beauty Institute and her partners Ellie and Michelle raised funds through a charity event at Big Bogs Brewery in Speke and through collection boxes in the parade of shops on Swanside Road and Pilch Lane.

Jane, who is a registered health practitioner and was formerly a Senior Operating Department Practitioner in anaesthesia and resuscitation at Alder Hey Hospital said: “It was incredibly important to me that we install a defibrillator at this busy parade of shops. We are surrounded by residences and situated on an incredibly busy road, I know the impact that having life-saving equipment like this at the heart of a community can have in the event of an emergency.

“I’d like to thank local businesses and members of the community who have pulled together, either by making donations in the shops, attending our fundraising events or indeed hosting our event like Gordon kindly did at Big Bogs Brewery. They’ve made this happen. We currently have eight people including trained to use the defibrillator and are aiming to train even more in the near future. Hopefully we never need to use it but it’s reassuring to know that it’s there.”

The congregation of Court Hey Methodist Church in Roby raised funds to install an AED box which was installed at the church at the start of October. Knowsley Council provided resuscitation training to a number of local residents who all received a certificate during a special Sunday service, attended by Swanside and Roby councillors at the church.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council said. “I applaud the efforts of Jane and the local Swanside business owners and the congregation of Court Hey Methodist Church, the installation of this life-saving equipment is a great example of how our communities work better together. We will continue to offer our support to any individual or organisation who wants to raise funds for a Community AED.”

Both The Beauty Institute and Court Hey Methodist Church worked with the Oliver King Foundation to arrange the installation of the defibrillators. The Foundation not only provide the AED boxes but also deliver training in defibrillator use and first aid. To date they have placed more than 4,000 AED’s in schools, organisations and businesses across the UK, including one in every school in Knowsley.

They have trained more than 60,000 individuals in defibrillator awareness and have campaigned to ensure defibrillators are more widely available across the country, with the aim of ensuring a life-saving defibrillator in every school in the UK by 2020.

There are currently AED community boxes in Huyton, Prescot and Kirkby Town Centres as well as in all Knowsley schools. In the event of an emergency, individuals will be directed to the nearest AED by the emergency services.

The AED boxes cost around £2,000 and any individual or organisation can self-fund the installation of an AED.

For further information about how to support or register an AED in your community contact info@theoliverkingfoundation.co.uk