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Declaration of Intent for Race Equality

Knowsley Council’s Declaration of Intent for Race Equality

by Alison Cornmell

October is Black History Month – an important opportunity to recognise and celebrate the many contributions made by black people in Britain over many generations.

During this month, work is underway for a Declaration of Intent to be passed through Council later this year. The declaration is a formal plan that sets out how the Council will address global issues of inequality for those who live, work, study, volunteer or visit Knowsley.

Council leaders are developing the declaration in collaboration with the Council’s Black and Minority Workers Group to support their work in tackling racial injustice and inequality and driving forward positive change.

Having been presented with the draft, Cllr Jayne Aston, Cabinet Member for Resources will now present the Declaration to Council on 15 December 2021.

Cllr Aston said: “I’m proud to be presenting this Declaration of Intent on Race Equality to full council in December. This declaration supports and embodies our strategic aim to make Knowsley a place with welcoming, vibrant, well-connected neighbourhoods and town centres and a place where people of all ages are confident and can achieve their full potential.

“Presenting this declaration will be an opportunity for Knowsley’s elected members to understand the work that is being done and, significantly, what must be done in the future.

“Together with the Black and Minority Workers Group, as well as the Council’s other working groups, we can create better and safer communities for those who live, work, study or volunteer in Knowsley.”

As part of the Declaration of Intent, the council recognises that it will:

  • As a major employer, be representative of the population it serves to ensure it is welcoming, safe and inclusive, and that Black, Asian, and minority ethnic staff have equal opportunities to develop and succeed.
  • As a lead organisation within the community, it must ensure its services are accessible to all residents from all backgrounds and that they cater to their needs.
  • As a partner in the Liverpool City Region Race Equality Programme, Knowsley Council must use its commitment to race equality to help identify best practice for the Council and support other organisations and stakeholders to do the same.