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Knowsley commits to helping reduce gambling harm

by Laura Johnston

Knowsley Council and partner organisations have signed the Beacon Counselling Trust’s (BCT) Workplace Charter for Reducing Gambling Harm.

The Charter sets out 7 steps which must be achieved to receive accreditation. It means the council – and partner organisations, recognise and are committed to addressing the impact gambling harms can have on the health and wellbeing of employees.

Knowsley residents will also benefit from the specialist training which frontline staff have completed.

Knowsley is the first local authority in the Liverpool City Region to achieve this status.

The Council’s Public Health Team has supported other organisations who were able to in developing their own policies and accessing BCT training for their staff. Work is continuing with other partners in the borough to support them to meet the charter requirements too,  widening the reach of the work and ensuring as many people as possible in Knowsley become aware of gambling-related harm and the support available.

Gambling-related harm is caused by the urge to gamble continuously despite negative consequences – including debt, relationship issues, loss of employment and mental health issues – causing harm to the gambler and those around them.

Cllr Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said:

“I’m proud we have signed this important workplace charter and that we’ve encouraged and supported our partners to also adopt the BCT’s Charter for Reducing Gambling Harm.


“The Charter means, as an employer we and our partners have committed to raising awareness of the harmful effects that gambling can have on financial, mental and physical health and to ensuring that staff are able to access help and support where necessary.”

Knowsley signatories of Beacon Counselling Trust’s Workplace Charter for Reducing Gambling Harm.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader Knowsley Council; Martin McDonagh, Chair Healthwatch Knowsley; Tom Best, Director Healthwatch Knowsley; David Aspin, Interim Manager Healthwatch Knowsley; Sarah McNulty, Knowsley Director of Public Health; Cllr Frank Walsh, Chair of Knowsley Health and Wellbeing Board; Brian Gouldson, Citizens Advice Knowsley; Mike Harden, Chief Executive Knowsley Council; Ian Whiteside, Beacon Counselling Trust.

The charter was signed on 6 June 2003 by Knowsley Council, Healthwatch Knowsley and Citizens Advice Knowsley.