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Knowsley Better Together in action – Incredible Edible

by Laura Johnston

Knowsley Better Together is a way of working that involves people coming together to share ideas, skills and time to achieve a shared goal or vision. There are lots of examples of Knowsley Better Together in action across the borough.  One example is Incredible Edible, run by Karen Mower.

Incredible Edible is a project based at Huyton Resource Centre that encourages people to come together to grow their own fruit and vegetables, eat more healthily, learn a new skill and socialise. In the longer term the project aims to help eradicate food poverty.

Karen said: “It is hard to sum up what Incredible Edible does and the impact it can have on a community. It is so much more than just growing fruit and veg – which in itself can be so rewarding. It brings people of all ages and of all parts of the community together to work alongside each other to transform unused space into community gardens, creating a community asset that can offer real benefits to families and individuals who may be struggling financially.

For the people volunteering it can provide a sense of purpose and equip them with skills they can use themselves in the future. We work with a lot of older people, adults with disabilities and youngsters and it is amazing to see the passion and excitement that builds up watching something you planted, grow. It’s quite an inspirational thing to watch and something I would like us to be able to spread across Knowsley.

We are always on the look-out for volunteers, people to donate plants or seeds or even empty plastic bottles that we can reuse to make eco-bricks to use in our gardens. We are also keen to expand our Knowsley network so if people know of a piece of land that is available, are part of an allotment group or Friends of Parks group or if you think this is something your child’s school or nursery might be interested in, please get in touch!”

Find out more on the Incredible Edible Knowsley Facebook page or email Karen.mower@knowsleycommunityhub.co.uk