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Knowsley awarded grant to support COVID-19 recovery

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley Council has allocated £0.668m from the Department of Health and Social Care to help tackle outbreaks of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable in its communities as it continues on the road to recovery.

To support the administration of the fund, the council has partnered with independent Merseyside charity, the Community Foundation, which is a specialist organisation with experience in distributing grants and funding to charities and community groups across the city region.

Working in partnership to deliver the fund, it is hoped that Knowsley Council and the Community Foundation will enable greater community resilience that will prevent and control outbreaks of COVID-19 through new collaborations, intelligence, and community empowerment and capacity building.

It will create significant opportunities for the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector empowering organisations to identify, design, and deliver initiatives that will improve public health outcomes in order to:

  • Prevent future cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 by implementing prevention and control measures
  • Support local vulnerable people and those who struggle to self-isolate
  • Deliver a range of effective, efficient services and actions for the local community

Having distributed in excess of £41m across Merseyside since 1999, the Community Foundation is uniquely placed within the Liverpool City Region to support Knowsley Council with its work to tackle COVID-19 within the borough.

The Community Foundation will administer and promote the fund through its local subsidiary, Knowsley Foundation. In particular, it will allocate grants to community, voluntary, faith and social enterprise within the local community who can support the borough’s response to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said “I’m delighted that we have secured this funding to ensure further outbreaks are prevented as well as supporting our recovery from this pandemic. Whilst lockdown restrictions are starting to be eased, it’s essential that we do everything that we can to prevent further outbreaks. Nobody wants to go back into a lockdown and I look forward to working with the Community Foundation and our community and voluntary networks on our recovery plans.”

Rae Brooke, CEO at the Community Foundation, said: “We will be working in partnership with the team at Knowsley Council to provide support to voluntary and community groups helping the most vulnerable across the Borough as they continue to face the daily challenges and detrimental effects of the pandemic.

The Community Foundation for Merseyside has a longstanding relationship with Knowsley Council, through the Knowsley Foundation, and we very much welcome this opportunity to assist with the area’s recovery and resilience.”