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Spark! Drummers stand in formation with the central drummer holding a drum in the air whilst pyrotechnics go off in the background

Knowsley at 50 goes off with a bang!

by Emily Maguire

More than 4,000 visitors took part in the opening celebrations for Knowsley’s 50th anniversary year, attending interactive ‘Moments of Light’ performances across the borough.

Over 3 nights from 18th – 20th January, internationally renowned street performers Spark! wowed crowds with a dazzling rhythmic show, engaging audience members of all ages.

As well as the drummers, a sparkling pyrotechnic display accompanied the performance delivered by outdoor arts specialists, Walk the Plank.

Walk the Plank developed an entirely new technology in order to allow for intermittent pyrotechnic bursts throughout the roaming performance which were mounted in special pack backs worn by supporting performers.

Sadly an amber weather warning meant that the final night of ‘Moments of Light’ performance at Halewood Leisure centre had to be postponed.

There are celebrations taking place throughout the year to mark Knowsley’s 50th Anniversary, Keep up to date with the latest news here: Knowsley at 50

You can view a gallery of performances in Kirkby and Prescot below:

Moments of Light 2024