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Kirkby town centre plans take another step forward

by Gemma Melling

In preparation for the council’s plans to step in and redevelop Kirkby town centre, work will commence next week (week beginning 9 September) to start demolishing the former St Chad’s clinic on St Chad’s Drive.

The first stage of work will be the installation of site hoardings around the site, which will also be extended with temporary fencing to prevent car parking next to the building. This to ensure the health and safety of everyone around the site whilst the demolition works are underway.

Why is the building being demolished?

The council has been asked if the building could be re-used by the community. The building is in a very poor condition and any future occupier would need to find around £150,000 to bring it up to standard, as well as a significant maintenance budget to keep on top of its condition thereafter. It has been vacant for quite some time, during which time the council has received no practical interest from any potential user.

How long will demolition take?

The demolition is expected to take around 6-8 weeks and work will also commence on the construction of a temporary car park at the site, which can be used for town centre and Kirkby Market visitors.  It is hoped that the car park will be completed in time for Christmas.

A key step forward for town centre transformation

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said “As part of our development plans for Kirkby town centre, the demolition of the former St Chad’s clinic is a key step forward in what will be a major transformation in the town centre.

“I know that there is a need for more car parking to support Kirkby Market and this will be provided at the site on St Chad’s Drive.

“The council is committed to delivering the retail development in the town centre and the scheme that St Modwen promised. This is our key priority. I look forward to providing more updates over the coming weeks as work progresses.”