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Kirkby Market Trader of the Month for July 2017 - John Murphy, Kirkby Paints

Kirkby Market Trader of the Month: July

by Gemma Melling

Every month, we’re profiling one of the traders at Kirkby Market, finding out more about their businesses and the faces you’ll see behind the stalls.

Introducing our Trader of the Month for July:

John Murphy – Kirkby Paints

Tell us about your business?

“Shortly after street trading I decided to give Kirkby Market a go as a casual trader with one stall. After about six months of trading I became a licensed trader and also increased to two stalls as my business was taking off.”

How did you start?

“I started off with a guy from a company on Kirkby Industrial Estate whom I bought two tins of Dulux Paint for £5 each. I didn’t have any transport at the time and whilst I was walking home a guy stopped me and asked if I was selling them and how much I would like. I told him £7 each and this is where it all began. I then bought more paint and started street trading.”

Kirkby Paints at Kirkby Market

Kirkby Paints at Kirkby Market

Tell us about your current offers?

“At the moment, I have Dulux & Sandtex Masonry paint – 5 litres for £18 – which I think is the cheapest in the country!
I’ve also got Dulux Trade Brilliant White Vinyl Matt, currently being sold at high street retailers for £34.48, for just £14.99 for 5 litres.”