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Information about the COVID-19 booster for frontline health and social care staff in Knowsley

by Guy Murphy

Frontline health and care staff are now eligible to book a coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccine appointment.

A booster dose helps improve the protection you have from your first two doses of the vaccine. It helps give you longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

Boosters are being offered to those in patient/service-user facing roles – this means your work must involve face-to-face contact with patients/service users.

Different options for getting your booster are listed below, however in all cases it must be at least 182 days – six months – since you had your second dose. For example, if you had your second dose of the vaccine on 1 April 2021, you could have your booster from 30 September 2021 onwards.

There are a number of ways for you to do this:

  • If you work for an NHS Trust, follow your employer’s guidance about how to get your booster. People working in other organisations should also check if their employer has arrangements in place for offering a booster.
  • All frontline health and social care staff can also book their appointment online here or by ringing 119. You’ll be offered appointments based on current availability near to you – if a site doesn’t have any appointments, it won’t appear in your search results, but new appointments are being added all the time, so if you can’t find a time or location that suits you, just check again the next day. As part of the booking process, you will need to self-declare that you are a frontline health or social care worker. When booking, you will be advised on the evidence you will need to provide at the vaccination site – you will only be vaccinated if you present this.
  • Look for Cheshire & Merseyside hospital sites offering boosters to the health and care workforce here (this link is only for frontline health and care workers): https://www.cheshireandmerseysidepartnership.co.uk/news-and-publications/providing-covid-booster-and-flu-vaccination-convenience-for-our-healthcare-worker-communities/

When you arrive for your vaccination – whether for a booked appointment or at a drop-in session – you will need to confirm that you are a frontline health or social care worker by providing one of the following:

  • A workplace photo ID,
  • A recent letter from your employer (last 3 months), or
  • A recent payslip which shows your employer (last 3 months).

 Who is an eligible frontline social care or health care worker in England?

The Green Book (page 16 onwards) sets out full details of who is eligible. A summary is as follows:

Eligible frontline health care workers:

This means you have direct contact with people at higher risk from coronavirus (COVID-19).

For example:

  • you work in a clinical role (such as a doctor, nurse, allied health professional or health care support worker);
  • you have contact with patients in a non-clinical role (such as a receptionist or porter);
  • you work in a hospital laboratory, mortuary, or a funeral home.

Please speak to your employer if you’re not sure. If you are employed by a Trust, you should follow their guidance on booking in the first instance.

Frontline social care workers:

This means you currently work in a care home for older or working age adults or you provide face-to-face care or support to individuals at higher risk from COVID-19 (adults or children who are clinically extremely vulnerable or those over the age of 16 who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19).

For example:

  • you are employed to provide personal care or work in any support roles (cook, housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance) including as a volunteer, in a residential care home;
  • you are a registered professional in social care (such as a social worker, therapist or nurse);
  • you work providing care for people in their homes or in community services such as home care, supported living, shared lives, extra care and day care services, or you are employed as a personal assistant.

Please speak to your employer if you’re not sure. If you are a Personal Assistant and you need help or a proof of employment letter you can speak to your Local Authority point of contact who can help you: covidvaccination@knowsley.gov.uk