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In a priority group but not yet had your COVID vaccine? Tell us

by Guy Murphy

The COVID vaccination programme in Knowsley is continuing to offer appointments to residents in a number of priority groups.

This includes all residents over 65 years, residents aged 16-65 in an at-risk group, residents who work in a health and social care role, care home residents and staff and those who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable (including the additional residents who will be added to this list based on their age, ethnicity, deprivation levels and underlying health conditions).

If you are a resident in one of these groups, but you haven’t yet received an appointment, contact Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who will make an appointment for you.

If you have been invited to make an appointment, but just haven’t got around to making one yet, contact the CCG who can make an appointment for you.

If you don’t have transport arrangements to help you get to an appointment, the CCG can also help you with that too.

Call Knowsley CCG today on 0151 244 4121.

Please only call if you are in a priority group. For all other residents, when it’s your turn, you will be contacted.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said “Knowsley CCG has been rolling out the vaccination programme now for a number of weeks, working across a number of vaccination sites in the Borough. In addition, vaccinations have also been offered at home for those residents who are housebound.

“The vaccination is the best way to protect yourself from the virus. If you are aged over 65, if you work in health and social care role, are a care home resident or member of staff, if you are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group or aged 16-65 in an ‘at risk’ group, and you haven’t yet received an appointment, call Knowsley CCG today who will prioritise an appointment for you.

“Remember the vaccine doesn’t mean you can go and meet family and friends. It can take a while for your body to build up protection. Our cases of COVID are still high, so protect yourself and others by continuing to follow the rules – stay at home as much as possible, regularly wash your hands with soap and water and wear a face covering where advised.”

The full list of priority groups can be found on the Government’s website. In Knowsley, the current priority groups are groups 1 to 6.