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Improvements at Roby Fields

by Laura Johnston

Improvements at a Huyton playing field are being celebrated by the local community.

Local residents, young footballers and councillors gathered at an event at Roby Fields, Merton Crescent to unveil plans to improve the green space which will include the creation of a wetland area, tree and wildflower planting, new signage and a native hedgerow along the railway perimeter fence. The proposals will also create new wildlife habitats; creating an attractive space for residents to spend time.

It is hoped the increased popularity of the venue will lead to the creation of a ‘friends’ group to support ongoing improvements and activities at Roby Fields.

Knowsley Council Leader Cllr Graham Morgan said: “We have successfully bid for external funding to enhance this valued green space. I am optimistic that, with the fantastic feedback we received at this well attended community event, our bid for a further £20,000 will be successful and will be a catalyst for significant improvements and lead to the formation of a  “friends group” for Roby Fields.

“Our residents use this green space that is an environmental jewel in our community. We are committed to enhancing Roby Fields so that our young people can play, exercise and spend family time together in what will be a rich and diverse natural habitat.”

Roby Fields