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Important Reminder about Drink Driving this Christmas

by Lisa Bennett

As the festive season gets into full swing, Knowsley Council’s Road Safety team is highlighting the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol.

Many people will enjoy a few drinks as they celebrate this Christmas, and most wouldn’t even consider getting into their car and driving afterwards. However, there is a real risk that people who would never deliberately drink and drive may still be over the limit, or unfit to drive, the ‘morning after’.

This is because it takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body. On average it takes around one hour per unit of alcohol, though this can vary depending on a number of factors.

Councillor Tony Brennan, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development commented:

“We know that many people will enjoy an alcoholic drink over the festive season and we’re asking people to be aware of how much they are drinking if they plan to drive the following morning as they may still be over the limit or unfit to drive.

“The decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle the morning after drinking can have very serious consequences, not only for the driver but also potentially for other road users around them.

“You could be driving to work or going shopping and still be over the limit. You could even be driving your children to school and still be unfit to drive. Could you live with yourself if something happened?

“We would encourage people to remember that their safety and the safety of others is vital. If you have been drinking the previous evening and are thinking about driving the next morning, don’t take that risk.”

Over the coming weeks, the team will be visiting Knowsley businesses to provide advice, working with Merseyside Police and engaging with drivers during roadside checks.

They will also be available at the following locations with information, advice and free single use breathalysers to take away:

Monday 18 December, Morrisons Kirkby, 10-2pm

Frank’s Story

One family, devastated by the loss of their mother, has shared their story to help prevent further tragedy this Christmas.

On Thursday 6 December 2018, Frank Barrett’s mother, Sheila, was a passenger in a car that collided with another car on the East Lancashire Road. Sheila sustained serious injuries in the collision and sadly died at the scene.

Following an investigation by Merseyside Police, the driver of the car that Sheila was in, was charged with causing death by careless driving whilst unfit through drink.

Frank said: “As a family we are still devastated at the death and loss of our mum. At this time of year, the memories of losing her come flooding back, but we also miss her so much every day of the year.”

Watch the full interview with Frank: