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Help design Huyton subway’s new look

by Laura Johnston

Artist Simon Grennan will be helping to make the train underpass for Huyton station a more attractive and welcoming environment by creating new artwork to use on the walls. To make this happen and make it a success, your ideas are needed!

The project aims to engage the local community and allow you to explore your creative side. Schools will be getting involved in the project by holding public sessions for local residents to share their ideas and views.

The art will show connections between personal experiences of Huyton village and the history of the railway. The design will be displayed as a rhythmic sequence and will be shown as a beat that you can follow while walking through the subway!

To get involved with the exciting project and help with the design process, you can meet with Simon Grennan in Huyton Town Centre at the entrance to Sherbourne Square from Derby Road on Saturday 18 February between 1pm and 3pm.