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How you can get involved in your local area

by Gemma Melling

The Knowsley Offer was developed in response to residents being asked what they needed to thrive, and not just survive, in Knowsley right now.

Using these findings, The Knowsley Offer has been developed by partners across the borough and has all of the information, help, support, services, facilities and much more in one place.

You can visit The Knowsley Offer at www.knowsleybettertogether.co.uk/theoffer.

A range of priority issues were identified by you – from support with the cost of living crisis, help to get on the property ladder, activities for young people, and overwhelmingly, people wanted to know how they can get more involved in their local area.

Hundreds of residents had already come forward to volunteer their time and services throughout the pandemic, which was essential in ensuring those residents who needed support had it. From simple things like picking up prescriptions and shopping, dog walking and just having a chat, it really made a huge difference to so many people.

Many have continued to volunteer to help others, particularly through the cost of living crisis, but there is a vast array of opportunities in Knowsley to help others or improve the area where you live or work.

You can help by:

  • Looking after yourself by looking after your health and wellbeing.
  • Looking after your neighbours – do they need help putting their bin out? Maybe you could cook an extra portion for a vulnerable neighbour?
  • Looking after neighbourhood by using the litter bins provided when you’re out and about, carrying out your own litter pick in your local area, ensure you clean up after your dog, or report any incidents of fly tipping are just a few ideas.
  • Looking after the planet by recycling more or find out about the range of local food growing in your local area.

There’s also a range of volunteering opportunities, from supporting Scout groups, football coaching or being a community champion or you can get involved by joining a local community group.

Or have you considered joining a Parks Groups to help improve your local park, becoming a School Governor, joining the Youth Cabinet or volunteering at the Shakespeare North Playhouse? The list of volunteering opportunities are endless and there’s something to suit all interests.

Maybe you have an idea to yourself that you’d let to get off the ground. If you’d like to discuss your ideas and see if there is any funding opportunities to support you, then please call One Knowsley on 0151 489 1222 (or email info@oneknowsley.org), email the Council’s Stronger Communities Team at stronger.communities@knowsley.gov.uk or if you are a group of tenants in social housing, contact your Registered Social Landlord.

Further information about getting involved in your local area is available on The Knowsley Offer here.