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How Star Wars can help you keep your children active this summer!

by Laura Johnston

Any parent knows it can be difficult to encourage your children away from the tablet screen or games console keeping them stationary.

Now help is at hand with the new Train like a Jedi Change4Life programme from Disney and Sport England that will take your children on a galactic adventure and inspire them to get more active this summer!

Taking inspiration from favourite Star Wars characters Rey and Luke, kids can get active as they learn to master the ways of the Jedi with a fun play along video.

The video features British Taekwondo athlete and double Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones, who alongside a special appearance from BB-8, leads kids through a series of Jedi inspired moves, which will prepare them to be ready for when the Resistance might need them!

Combined together, the 12 moves become one special Jedi training routine that helps children learn and master six key skills – technique, strength, stamina, speed, agility and mastery.

Throughout the summer a different Star Wars planet will be revealed every week, with brand new games and bonus downloads to print and make.

Why 10 minute bursts of activity?

Every 10 minute burst of exercise can make a real difference in helping children reach the 60 minutes they need each day.

Being active helps children to build social skills, boost self-confidence and mental wellbeing, and improve bone and heart health.

The 10 Minute Shake Ups with Disney also aim to inspire longer term activity among children, promoting healthy habits all year round.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said:

“The Train Like A Jedi programme is a brilliant way to help your kids get their recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity, through lots of short bursts of fun. It will also help them to build confidence and learn new fitness moves and techniques.”

How to get your children involved

To help your children get active this summer by mastering the ways of the Jedi visit Change4Life to access the Train Like A Jedi video and new planet games released each week.