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How has lockdown affected your children’s eating habits?

by Sandra Issar

Have your children’s food habits changed during the Covid19 lockdown?

Children’s Food Campaign, in partnership with Food Active, has launched a new survey to find out how children’s eating habits and preferences have changed over recent months.

They would love to know what’s happened to children during lockdown, to help shape future campaigning.

Have your children eaten more or less of certain foods, whilst staying at home? Has it been easier or harder to keep up a healthy, balanced diet? Have they been cooking with or for you? And what about snacks, treats and rewards?

The survey also asks what parents want to see happen on children’s food as schools reopen, and what the Government should now prioritise in relation to childhood obesity and building a healthier food environment as part of Covid-19 recovery plans.

Please share your views- the survey is open until Friday 17 July.