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How Disney can help your children ‘Shake Up’ and keep active this summer – and beyond!

by Laura Johnston

Come rain or shine over the summer holidays, any parent knows it can be a challenge to encourage the children away from the TV, games console or other device.

But now help is at hand with the return of the 10 Minute Shake Up campaign from Change4Life, full of fun ideas to help you inspire your children to get active and keep moving this summer.

As research shows enjoyment is the single biggest factor that motivates children to be active. So the campaign is encouraging children to play 10 Minute Shake Up games inspired by some of their favourite characters from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2; and Disney’s Frozen and The Lion King.

The Shake Up games allow children to develop key physical activity skills, just like their favourite characters; strong like Mr Incredible, agile like Simba and strong stamina like Elsa.

Why 10 minute bursts of activity?

Every 10 minute burst of exercise can make a real difference in helping children reach the 60 minutes they need each day.

Being active helps children to build social skills, boost self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Positive attitudes towards physical activity have also been associated with children feeling happier.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said:

“The 10 Minute Shake Ups are a brilliant way to help your kids get their recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity, through lots of short bursts of fun. It will also help them to build confidence while discovering with which characters they share skills or attributes.”

Helping you discover new activities

As well as playing the games, this year the Change4Life website is hosting an online quiz to help children, with their parents, find activities and sports that might be perfect for them to try.

In this way the campaign aims to provide a gateway to other physical activities and sports, helping to promote healthy habits all year round.

For more information, search ‘Change4Life’ or visit the NHS website.