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Households into Work support continues during the pandemic

by Sandra Issar

Households into Work is a unique and innovative programme of support for people living across the Liverpool City Region, who because of their circumstances have difficulty finding and sustaining employment.

The Households into Work Team continue to be available to offer support during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The programme provides one-to-one support, helping people tackle and resolve issues which are preventing them from seeking employment and for which they have no, or limited, access to people or services that might otherwise help them.

The issues faced by people on the programme are complex and varied including debt and finance, housing, mental health illness, victim of domestic violence, addiction(s), isolation and disaffection. Until such issues are tackled, finding and sustaining employment is a very unlikely and unrealistic expectation.

One-to-one support to help you along the way is provided by Household into Work advocates.

Unlike similar programmes which work with people on an individual basis Households into Work takes a whole household approach so that the issues can be addressed collectively as well as individually. This is in recognition of the fact that other members of the household can contribute to the problems, as well as to the resolution of the issues, experienced by the individual. So involving other members of the household is more likely to achieve a longer lasting solution to the person’s problems, rather than simply working with them in isolation.

Further details about the programme and how to make contact with your local Households into Work team is available on the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority website.