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Man at a recycling centre

Household Recycling Centres: Is your visit essential?

by Emily Maguire

Recycling centres in Knowsley are currently much busier than usual, leading to increased queueing and waiting times. Residents are urged to consider whether their visit to the recycling centre is essential or if an alternative method of waste disposal is an option.

Staff are working hard to allow as many residents as possible to access the sites whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines.  If your visit is essential, please ensure you leave sufficient time to queue as at present Knowsley’s recycling centres at Wilson Road, Huyton and Depot Road, Kirkby close at 5pm.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority have shared the following suggestions for alternative waste disposal.:

  1. Decorating and DIY waste:
  • Could you postpone your DIY or decorating project for a few weeks?
  • Could you store some of the waste in a safe place?
  • Old wallpaper can be put into your normal waste bin.
  • Let old paint tins dry out by leaving the lids off and storing in a safe place OR pour the waste paint onto newspaper in a cardboard box – allow to dry and then bag up the paper, and put into your normal bin.
  • Clean off brushes and rollers to use again instead of throwing them away
  1. Green and Garden Waste:
  1. Use your kerbside bins:
  1. Safe storage:
  • Please store your waste safely – COVID related waste should be isolated for 72 hours before safe disposal.
  • Make sure any other waste that you are storing is wrapped and secured safely especially if being stored outside.
  1. Sell, swap and give away:
  • Could you give the items you want to throw away a second life?
  • There are plenty of ways to sell, swap or giveaway items across a while host of platforms including freecycle, Ebay, Facebook etc
  • Check to see if any family, friends, or neighbours might like, or need the items that you’re throwing away – it just takes a quick call, text or email.
  1. Charity shops:
  • We know that charity shops aren’t yet open, but you might want to consider hanging on to those good quality items and clothes for a few weeks longer – they could help support a great cause if you can donate them.
  1. Recycling at supermarkets and community hubs:
  • Lots of local supermarkets have recycling facilities for a limited number of items such as paper, card, cans, bottles, textiles etc.  Please use your local facilities if you can.

For more information about recycling centres visit Merseyside’s Household Waste Recycling Centres – Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (merseysidewda.gov.uk)