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Hotspot patrols lead to significant reduction in ASB reports

by Jonathan Kearney

Police in Knowsley have reported decreases in anti-social behaviour of up to 71% in parts of the borough after the introduction of hotspot patrol areas.

Across Knowsley there has been a 16% decrease in reports of antisocial behaviour, with a decrease of 71%  in the Kirkby hotspot patrol area, and a 42% reduction in the Prescot hotspot patrol area.

Local Policing Chief Inspector for Knowsley, Christopher Ruane, believes the hotspot patrols have helped drive down anti-social behaviour in the area.

He said: “Clearly, this is nothing but good news for Knowsley residents. People have the right to enjoy shared spaces safely and peacefully. These figures tell us that we’re getting closer to that being a reality for everyone all of the time. That’s always the goal.

“I believe this improvement is thanks in large part to the anti-social behaviour hotspot patrols we’ve been trialling. Hotspot patrols have proven to be a really effective way of driving down crimes such as serious violence. In 2023/24, hotspot patrols in targeted areas led to a reduction in serious violent crime of 29% – so we know it’s an approach that works.

“Early indications from our force data analysts suggests targeted anti-social behaviour hotspot patrols are having that same kind of positive impact.

“We will keep going with the tactic and keep assessing its impact over a longer period – operating regular, high-visibility foot patrols within specific areas where the data shows there’s an increased risk of anti-social behaviour.

“I’m just really pleased for our communities.”

Hotspot Policing is being deployed across the whole of Merseyside to drive down crime, deter offenders and provide reassurance. During patrols, officers also collect vital intelligence to help them understand the causes of anti-social behaviour, and how to improve the day-to-day safety of those that live and work in the area.

The anti-social behaviour hotspot patrols trial is set to continue until March 2025.