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Hot air balloon visits local school

by Laura Johnston

Children and staff at Millbrook Community Primary School in Kirkby had a unique day recently when an 82ft tall hot air balloon made a visit to the school.

The children had been working on a topic centred around flight called ‘Up, up and away’, and had been writing reports and stories on flight. They also created 3D objects based on the theme and were involved in a competition to win a kite for their fantastic creations and imaginations. The children soon realised seeing a real hot air balloon would tie in perfectly with what they have been learning.

The enthusiastic children wrote letters to Virgin Balloon Flights asking for a balloon to come to their school and their efforts did not go unnoticed; they received the reply they wanted that the company were happy to accept their invitation – providing the weather is suitable.

Fortunately, when the day came, the weather conditions were warm and calm – a perfect day for a hot air balloon!

It was a real treat for the children and staff to see the balloon, which is taller than a seven-storey building, especially as their school is the first in the country to be given this experience. Some staff members even had the opportunity to go inside the balloon and get a taste of what it is like to fly in one when it elevated in the air – while it was attached to three vehicles to ensure it didn’t fly off into the sky!

The children were able to ask questions to the balloon operators to learn more about flight and the staff from Virgin Balloon Flights mentioned that the children’s behaviour and attitude was outstanding.