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Hope Primary School retains its ‘Good’ Ofsted rating

by Laura Johnston

Hope Primary School in Huyton is the second primary school in Knowsley this month that has retained its ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection rating.

Inspectors noted that staff are ambitious for all pupils and pupils with Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities achieve well.

Reading is a key priority for the school – books are everywhere and the school has achieved the gold award for developing pupils’ love of reading.  There is also a good focus, through the use of books, on developing pupils’ of right or wrong.

Mathematics is also a key priority with a clear and organisation curriculum being taught at the school. Inspectors also noted that teachers were well trained to teach Mathematics.

Leadership at the school was also commended, with the Head Teacher, John Casson, highlighted as providing high-quality leadership and there is a high level of staff satisfaction throughout the school.

Hope Primary School is a joint-faith school and Inspectors noted that there is a strong focus on developing pupils’ spirituality and cultural understanding. Equality and diversity and a sense of fairness are also strong across the school.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said “I’m delighted that Hope Primary School has retained its ‘Good’ Ofsted rating, which demonstrates the high quality of teaching and pupil learning at the school. Well done.”