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Help your dog cope with Covid-19 restrictions

by Comms Team

Knowsley’s continued fight against coronavirus is affecting us all and is also having an impact on our borough’s pooches.

Changes in routine and limited contact with other families can have an effect on our dogs.

The Dog’s Trust is sharing information on how owners can help support their dogs during these challenging times. Read on for key advice or visit the Dogs Trust website for further information.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, said:

“We will all be aware of the challenges posed as we continue to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and these challenging times can also affect our dogs. As a dog owner myself, I would encourage our residents to read The Dogs Trust’s advice and remember there is help and support available to you.”

Dog’s behaviour

Research conducted by The Dogs Trust has shown a quarter of dog owners reported their dog had shown at least one new problem behaviour because of this summer’s lockdown. Sadly, unwanted behaviours are the single biggest reason that dogs get handed into the Dog’s Trust. Here are some tips to help your dog adapt with continuing challenges:

  • Plan your dog’s day to give them time with you, and time for rest, exercise, and play.
  • Give your dog their own space – and leave them alone when they’re in it
  • Teach them to ‘settle’ so they’re comfortable on their own when you’re busy
  • Feed your dog at the same time as usual
Keeping your dog entertained: Dog Home School videos

Lots of dogs are still at home more than usual, and it’s important to keep their minds and bodies active. The Dog’s Trust Dog School videos have been created to help you do just that.

Watch and learn how to build a doggy den or send your dog on a treasure hunt for their favourite treats. Plus, lots of other ways to keep them entertained without leaving the house.

What to do if you’re struggling to care for your dog

If you’re thinking you may need to give up your dog, please call Dogs Trust on 0300 303 2188.